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10 Tips For Planning A Wedding In Dubai

Out of all the places you could get married around the world, Dubai has to be one of the most unique. The city is an anomaly within itself, being a hub in the middle east for great food, architecture, culture, and a slew of other experiences. Yet, planning a wedding over here is no easy task, with travel, booking, and even what to do. However, not to worry, as that’s precisely what I’m going to walk you through below.

Come Up With A Hashtag For Instagram

If you’re looking for an easy, simple way to get photos for your wedding, then creating a hashtag for the event is a surefire way to bring everyone together. Not only is this a fun activity for guests, but you can honestly come away with some pretty great takeaways. Try looking through some lists of the best hashtags for Instagram, as well as think of something that brings both your names together. Trust me, strategies like this help your wedding be a hit.

Look For Fun And Interesting Activities

As a chance to explore one of the world’s most fascinating cities, it’s essential to make the most out of this experience. This place has some of the best indoor activities, as well as a slew of great sights and rich culture to explore. Look into how you can maximize your time here, as it’s a gem you don’t want to miss.

Shop For That Perfect Dress

Every wedding needs an incredible dress, one that compliments both your individual sense of style as well as the theme of the wedding. Additionally, this thing also needs to be perfect for your bridal party as well, which is why it might not be a bad idea to check out some of the options for custom bridesmaid dresses. This will make everyone in your party feel much more comfortable, as well as have a takeaway that looks great.

Learn As Much As You Can About The Region

Dubai has an incredible history and amazing culture, so it’s important to soak in as much as you can. The ability to learn about this place is something that will leave an indelible impression on you, so do as much homework beforehand as you can.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being A Tourist

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being a tourist anywhere you go. According to GoGulf, Dubai is the 4th most visited city in the world, which means they’re expecting you to come. Embrace the tourism here, as it’s one of the best cities out for it.

Assess The Cost Of An International Wedding

According to The Knot, the average wedding in the United States cost around $35,329, which if you’re looking to get married overseas, is going to come with a much higher price tag. Give an honest estimate to how much travel, lodging, and the numerous other factors are going to cost if you really want to make this happen.

Check The Forecast

A significant factor to a lot of weddings is the weather. After all, according to XO Group, 32% of weddings are held in the fall for the U.S. Why? Because it’s the perfect temperature. And if you’re looking to get married in Dubai, make sure to plan for the weather accordingly.

Make Sure to File Papers In The States

As noted by The State Department, U.S. Embassy consulates cannot perform marriages in foreign countries, so it’s imperative you figure out the legal aspect of your marriage before you head abroad. Part of this is looking at if it’d be most advantageous to handle ceremonies before or after you leave, as well as the other logistical things that come with marriage, such as joint finances.

Have Your Visas In Order

It goes without saying that if you’re going to get married overseas, then having your visa in order is a must. According to Soundvision, only 35% of brides and grooms have valid passports for travel. This is probably the most crucial piece to making your wedding in Dubai happen, so get it all squared away a few months beforehand.

Don’t Forget About The Honeymoon

While getting married overseas is an incredible experience, you also have to consider if Dubai is also the place you want to vacation afterward. As noted by Glamour, 65% of couples don’t factor in the honeymoon when planning their wedding. Of course, if this is a dream destination for you then there’s nothing wrong with staying for a while.

Getting married in Dubai? What are you most excited about? Answer with your insights below.