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The Secret to an Authentic Mediterranean Vacation

Italy is widely known as a popular vacation destination for many reasons. It boasts historical cities such as Rome and Pompeii, and cultural hotspots like Florence, Venice, and Milan. The exotic island of Sicily, reachable from the mainland by plane or ferry, features the popular coastal resort town, Taormina, known for its many beaches and notable historically relevant sites.

Though many unknowing visitors simply opt for a stay in a chain hotel during their trip, Sicily also houses vacation villas for rent. These villas can be found in various locations across the island, including throughout the town of Taormina. Destinations range from quaint villas on the Mediterranean coast to spacious poolside villas in luxurious neighborhoods and provide a truly authentic way to experience a visit to Italy and appreciate the nuances of its unique culture.


The island of Sicily has much to offer. Home to excellent beaches across the Mediterranean coast, Greek temples, Roman ruins, Byzantine mosaics, Norman castles, Baroque cities Noto and Ragusa, island capital Palermo and its cathedral and catacombs, one could spend months simply exploring the extent of the island. Activities span from hiking on a dormant volcano to embarking on a walking tour inspired by popular film and cultural destinations.

Scent of Sicily villas offers a wide range of properties that will suit the needs and desires of the most demanding customers. Because of the wide geographic and cultural variance on the island, visitors can opt for private poolside villas and summer homes, centrally located near town in fashionable estates and equipped with up-to-date technology, such as self-heating pools, and poolside lounging areas, or seafront villas, authentic, quaint, and specifically chosen with proximity to fascinating surrounding destinations in mind, such as monuments, beaches, and museums.


A booming coastal resort town centrally located on the island of Sicily, Taormina offers a glamorous atmosphere contained within the limits of a single city. Narrow streets and elegant architecture compliment top-rated restaurants, luxury boutiques, and sidewalk cafés, overlooked by Greek-style balconies, flowering plants hanging towards the paved roads, and perfumed citrus trees. Originally a Greek colony, the town also boasts an outdoor Greek theatre overlooking the sea, famously used for the Taormina Film Festival, a medieval quarter, and, among a variety of beach destinations, the beautiful Naxos bay.

Like Sicily, Taormina offers a variety of housing options. Taormina villas for rent range from private residental apartments in the heart of the city, to restored English villas featuring private gardens and private sea access, to country houses on the outskirts of the city, to villas in the Giardini Naxos, a seaside resort neighboring Taormina, with excursions to nearby hamlets. A quick scan of the available rental options finds a perfect destination for any visitor.

Destination Departing

Some visitors choose to browse the wide selection of holiday rentals in Sicily, while others seek to escape the holiday crowds and the pressures of daily life. Both can be achieved, and the island of Sicily boasts a place for everyone, making the most of any Italian vacation with a stay in an atmospheric Mediterranean villa.