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Moving to Milan: Great Tips for First-Timers in Milan

So, you decided to move to Milan, one of the most famous cities in the world – if that’s the case, then there are a couple of things you need to know before booking your Milan airport transfer.

Of course, this applies if you only want to visit this beautiful city – in the following lines, we will give you insight on some great tips that will help you accommodate and understand Milan a little bit better.

Therefore, no matter if you are moving to Milan or planning a trip there, you should give our tips a good read. Let’s begin!

Public Transport if Your Best Friend

When it comes to means of transportation, you really have to consider using public transport as much as possible – the Trams and the Metro are quite fast and not as expensive as some taxi trips.

For example, a taxi trip from or to the Malpensa airport can get as high as 85 Euros, depending on your destination. Overall, our advice is to stay away from taxis and such and, instead, cherish the time spent on the Trams/ Metro.

Learn and Embrace the Milanese Style of Life

The Milanese people can be described in a few words – but these come with great importance, especially when you want to fit in and get to know and make then your friends.

First of all, they pride themselves as being hard-working and ultra-efficient. They will rarely go out of their way and do something that doesn’t require hard work or doesn’t award them with something.

Then, they are clearly style-conscious and careful of the latest trends as well – it’s only natural, given the fact that Milan is often seen as the world’s capital in terms of fashion.

Be Ready to Open Up to New Things

You always have to keep in mind that Milan comes with a lot of opportunities – especially in terms of entertainment and cultural opportunities. As a fresh new Milanese, you’ll have to know how to open up to these things.

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or not, you’ll have to get out of your house and enjoy the Milanese way of spending free time and entertainment.

Make Friends, Lots of Them

As mentioned before, the Milanese people are hard-working and ultra-efficient – this also means that they’ll give away their social life when it comes to such things. This is why Milan is considered to be a city of solitude, where people don’t care about the things that don’t bring them money or make them spend some.

In turn, you’ll have to try your best and make friends with some Milanese people – after all, if you plan to move to Milan, you will definitely need some friends in your neighborhood.

However, beware that they are very conservative when it comes to relationships – so, you’ll have to put in a bit of extra work if you want to have a close circle of friends.

But, given the fact that Milan is… well, Milan, everything mentioned above is more than worth it – moreover, it will also make it much easier for you to accommodate in this beautiful city!