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Going Galavanting in Glasgow? Here’s some things to see on your trip

In Glasgow, the list is endless when it comes to breathtakingly beautiful victorian architecture, enchanting and exciting high streets, villages with their themed stone walls, cosy pubs, friendly people with warm smiles and joyful welcome and a general celtic charm. This city is unique and unmissable. It’s the largest city in scotland and not only boasts of its trade and shipbuilding legacy, but a host of other attractions for tourists to come and see. Travelling around this city doesn’t have to be burdensome either, it offers various forms of transport: why not choose the option of using a private hire car and enjoy the city luxuriously and without hassle.

Glasgow is home to 20 museums and art galleries, perfect destination to be educated by the various exhibitions and wowed by beautiful displays. Riverside Museum is one of them, the building itself looks electrifying with zigzags surrounding its form like the readings of a heartbeat. Developed in 2011 this is definitely one of the more modern buildings situated in Glasgow. This is the city’s museum of transport and travel, hosting things such as steam trains, trolley buses, Glasgow trams and more. From old to more modern vehicles, this museum gives an interesting exhibition of the evolution and growth of various forms of transport.


Not too far from Riverside Museum sits Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Displaying an array of various artifacts, this museum is also famous for one of Europe’s greatest art collections. This institution is one of Scotland’s most popular places to visit and rightly so, not only because of it’s newly refurbished interior but because of the 8000 objects on display throughout, situated in the 22 themed galleries.

That’s not all to see in Kelvingrove, but you could also stop off at Kelvingrove Park. This is most certainly one of Glasgows most classic victorian parks. See wildlife, from Grey Squirrels to Red Fox or Blue Tits to Carrion Crow there’s a host of animals you could see in the park. Not only wildlife but a beautiful range of flowers, a duck pond and a children’s playground. This park is definitely for the whole family. Catch a game of tennis or enjoy a picnic, away from the hustle and bustle of city life it’s a nice place to stop and relax. Kelvingrove Park is also home to many festivals and events so you could research and plan your journey when an event is on and witness some good performances and feel the glaswegian vibe.

Many say Glasgow is one of the best places for shopping outside of London and with places like the Style Mile high street, it makes it very easy to believe. It presents many varying shops. Whether first or second hand, vintage or retro, big brands or less known it’s all available on this highstreet. You could enjoy a shopping spree, or just be an onlooker at the parading buskers, with street musicians from jazz to bagpipe players, the Style Mile is generally a fun day out overall.