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Bays, Bathing and Beaches, Experience all three on the most beautiful beaches in Elba Island


Fancy a time of relaxation, where you can enjoy some unwinding time by sinking your toes in white glistening sand, or letting your skin glow from the kiss of  the sun? How about bathing in some of the most crystal clear waters in Italy? Elba Island can satisfy all those desires. Just on the west coast of Italy, this island boast of some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Not only can you enjoy lounging on them, but with activities like windsurfing or snorkelling available, there’s a whole range of things you can do in these destinations. So catch a ferry over to Elba Island from Italy and witness these sites for yourself. Here’s a list of some of the beaches you could see on your trip.


Fetovaia Beach

This is the spot where bountiful greenery and gloriously crystal clear seas meet, waters so clear you can glance at your feet as they glide across the sea bed. A great day out for family or couples, friends or singles, fun for all to enjoy. Sunbath, snorkel, or buy a refreshing drink from the bar. It’s one of the most popular beaches on Elba Island, especially in the summer, so gives great opportunity to socialise and meet with some fellow tourists. Rent a beach lounger or a sun umbrella and chill. Or if you’d like to venture out further than the shore, rent a pedalo and explore the seas. Why not finish of the day with a great buffet by the beach, to satisfy the hunger that usually follows plenty of fun in the sea.This link includes more information about this beach and is where I took inspiration for this article.

Biodola Beach

Fall in love with the scenery of Biodola. It’s just a stone’s throw away from portoferraio, the port of the ferry, giving even more reason to stroll along when you arrive. It draws the crowds purely because of the beauty of its sands, seas and stunning bay, so pop on a bikini and make the most of it. Because it faces west, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy witnessing the sun burst with orange and fiery red as it sets and why not sip on a glass of wine from the local bar as you spectate. Such luxuries can’t be resisted.

Cavoli Beach

Some have said this is the most stunning beach on Elba Island, with mountains and rocks hugging the shores, great for diving from the mountainous and rocky peaks. Witness the many big fish in the depth of the refreshingly cool, azure blue seas and keep those beach walkers on your feet to avoid sea urchins stinging you. Being 300/400 meters long it’s perfect for an afternoon walk along its plush sands. You could even enjoy it on the weekends when the dj comes out, and trade your beachs walkers for dance shoes as everyone boogies to the latest anthems.

This is just a very small list, with there being no less that 156 beaches dotted around Elba Island’s coast there’s plenty of other options for you to choose from. When it comes to beaches Elba’s the place to be.