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A Break that Beats the Rest – Go On A European Cruise

Europe has a host of fascinating attractions and must-see locations that have had many tourists longing to return for more. It is a collection of countries that has a variety of displays, from old traditional towns, to modern cosmopolitans. With the Artic and Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea surrounding it’s the perfect place to cruise.

It would take a lot of planning and travelling to get through all these countries and tick them off your list of places to go one by one, but with a cruise it all becomes simpler. With a European cruise you could glance at the romantic city of Paris and take shots outside the Eiffel Tower, or the streets of where the German Market began in Cologne. Sail on a Cruise and a Maritime ship to these cities and see the spectacular sites. Here are some places you might visit.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous for many things from the Anne Frank house to the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam is a city that has a huge artistic heritage and displays a beautiful vintage edge. It’s a unique city with idyllic canals. Netherlands capital; it has never ceased to amaze its visitors.

Flam, Norway

See the hills come alive as they pave every step of your way along your cruise. This picturesque and compact village contains a large amount of elegance and grandeur. It’s a location that contains snow-kissed peaks, enchanting forestry, and wonderful waterfalls. It’s a wonderful venture to take.

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp hosts a number of historic sites to fulfil your sight-seeing dreams, with buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. This port city is the second largest city in Belgium and is an ideal place to stop off on your cruise. A lot of the medieval heart of this location has been preserved and you can catch a glimpse of awe-striking architecture such as the Cathedral of Our Lady to the Rubenshuis: former home of the famous painter Peter Paul Ruben.

St Peter Port, Guernsey

This capital city will have you viewing an array of attractions from cobbled streets to coastal walks. Take a step off your luxurious cruise and see the crystal beaches dotted along this island. Enjoy some time of relaxation and recreation. The Castle Cornet could be a great place to stop, it’s a landmark with a variety from 5 houses to 3 gardens and a midday gun display, you can also catch a glimpse of the coastlines of France from the top.

St Mary’s, Isle of Scilly

The most populated islands out of all the Islands of Scilly, it has a huge amount of treasures in it from white deserted beaches perfect for an evening walk.

Kirkwall Orkney

Have your diving suits to the ready and take in all that this Northern Isle has to display. With the 10 sunken ship wrecks located in Scapa Flow you could have a view of all the WWI battleships with your own eyes.