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9 must-do activities in Greece to have a fun and adventurous vacation

The southeastern European country of Greece is a beautiful country full of picturesque islands, majestic mountains, ancient history and endless coastlines. Full of historic sites and iconic ruins, Greece is a country which belongs to each and every travellers’ bucket list. People from all over the world visit this country, again and again; to soak in the rich history, culture and beauty this country has in store. However, Greece is not only about its landscape or history. In fact, activity holidays in Greece are increasingly popular too. And if you are not that big a fan of historic sites or if you have visited the country over and over again, then you can easily visit the country and find some adrenalin-filled activities to spend a fun and exciting holiday. Here are the top nine activities for you to enjoy an adventurous getaway to Greece.

1. Scuba diving at Alonissos

Alonissos, the third member of the northern Sporades, has been declared as a National Marine Park since the year of 1992. That is why the water near the island is rich with marine flora and fauna. The government of Greece lifted the restriction on scuba diving in these waters only recently. Since then, this place has emerged as a new scuba diving destination among travellers. Starting from colourful corals, sponges, various marine animals like sea breams, scorpion fish, blackfish, moray eels to beautiful caves and shipwrecks, you will get to see a whole new underwater world when you visit this place and dive into the water.

2. Climb some rocks on Kalymnos

The Greek island of Kalymnos is huge and beautiful, but it has been overshadowed by KosIsland for a long time. However, the mountainous terrain and the beautiful white-sand beaches have plunged this island in adventure-lovers’ guidebooks as a prime rock-climbing destination. The huge limestone cliffs that you can find here helped the rapid growth of rock-climbing tourism. And now climbers from all over Europe visit this island to feel the thrill of rock-climbing. There are a lot of routes for you to climb on, and new routes are opening up regularly. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to climb here. Each year during early October, a huge climbers’ fest is also organised here.

3. Enjoy some mountain adventures at Thessaly

Thessaly is one of the most ancient parts of Greece. In fact, this region was even mentioned in the Greek epic poem, the Odyssey. The capital and the largest city in this region is Larissa. Here you can enjoy a lot of adventurous activities on the rough terrain of Mount Olympus. You can go for a hike through the rugged landscape, enjoy mountain biking, rock-climbing, canyoning, and much more. The place is rich with beautiful places for you to explore as well, which includes some of Greece’s most picturesque landmarks such as the Aegean Sea, the RiverPineios, Tempi Valley and last but not the least, Mount Olympus.

4. Enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing at Rhodes

Rhodes, Greece’s largest Dodecanese Island, is extremely popular among tourists for a fun and happening seaside vacation. The island is full of beautiful beaches and ancient ruins. The rich history of Greek island life which you can experience over here is simply an unparalleled experience. However, apart from all the history and places and monuments, the beach is where the fun lies on Rhodes. The beaches of Rhodes are full of beautiful sand, clear water and a lot of water activities. And one of the best ways to enjoy your days on Rhodes is to visit Prasonisi. Located in the southwestern part of the island, this place is a great location to try out windsurfing and kitesurfing, two of the most fun water activities you can enjoy in Greece. You will surely fall in love with Greece once you try these speedy watersports for yourself.

5. Cycle at Peloponnese

This peninsula located at southern Greece is a place which is associated with many Greek legends. However, apart from all the mythical and historic elements, the beautiful landscape and varied terrain of the Peloponnese region happens to be a bicyclers’ paradise. A lot of bike tours are organised in this region by various groups. The tours range from a few hours long to even whole week long. You will get to explore the various beautiful locations that this region boasts of when you go for one of these bike tours. It is one of the most peaceful and fun ways to explore Greece and its own, unadulterated beauty.

6. Or try cycling on Crete

If you are in love with cycling, then you are in luck. Not only Peloponnese, but the Greek island of Crete also offers you to enjoy cycling on some of the most beautiful routes you will ever get to experience.The Rethymno region on Crete houses over 20 bike trail through which you can explore the picturesque nature of this island.Bike your way through the olive groves as the trail winds ahead with a backdrop of beautiful blue sea and magnificent mountains. There are trails for beginner, moderate and expert bikers, each offering different difficulty level.

7. Hike in the Lousios gorge

Located in the centre of the Peloponnese region, Lousios gorge is a beautiful place which is yet to discover by many travellers. You can access the gorge from Tripoli, which serves as a winter resort. However, in the summer there are hardly any people, and that is why it is a great time if you want to explore the real beauty of this place. Hike your way through the rocky trail and explore the numerous hidden monasteries which are built among these rocks. You can also travel to Dimitsana, which is a traditional settlement. There you can explore the outdoor hydromovement museum, which is a unique Balkan experience.

8. Dive into a historic crash site at Iraklia Island

Located in Small Cyclades, the tiny Iraklia Island is a paradise if you are looking for a trip away from the crowd. It is the perfect place to enjoy some peace and tranquillity while you are spending your vacation in Greece. You can go for some lovely walks, enjoy some easy treks and camp amidst the beautiful nature. And if you want some adrenaline rush, head over to a dive site located to the south of the island. A German WW2 hydroplane crashed really close to Alimia Bay, and you can dive underwater to explore the historic plane wreck.

9. Enjoy some sea kayaking at Kefalonia Island

Located in the Ionian Sea, the Kefalonia Island is largest Ionian island in western Greece. The island is ideal for romantic getaways or family vacations, but there are a lot of activities for adventure lovers too. Sea kayaking is the most popular activity you can enjoy here. Especially, the west coast of the island is home to some jaw-dropping limestone cliffs and impressive scenery, which makes it a great location to kayak along. You can also kayak at the Dafnoudi bay, and also try out snorkelling in the crystalline blue waters.