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London is a great destination to visit especially for people who want to experience a variety of cultures, breathtaking scenery, fantastique shopping experience and enjoy sporting activities as well as spend unforgettable family moments. Tourists from HK to London and others from all over the world, visit this best-rated capital city of England. The queen’s land is a must-visit for any holiday-maker desiring to have a thrilling holiday experience.

1. Delicious foods and cuisines

London offers a variety of delicious cuisines and delicacies that will leave you spoilt for choice. While in London, it is essential to try the Beef wellington, which is a traditional British classic. The English Full breakfast, which is a standard British classic, is one that you would not want to miss out. With many restaurants and eating outlets, the city offers a variety of other British cuisines that you need to savor.

2. Welcoming Culture

London as a destination hosts over 26 million visitors every year, half of which come from other continents, nations, religions and cultures. The warm and welcoming culture of the people of London and the United Kingdom helps visitors from diverse cultures; feel comfortable during their long or short visits in London. Many of these come for vacation, business, tourist attractions and family visits.

With the city being cosmopolitan and with diverse cultures, you can be sure that you will not have a cultural shock during your visit.

3. Tourist attractions

The city has some of the best tourist attraction sites in the world. The Tower of London is a historic sight you must not miss while in London. Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and a Fortress of the City of London is located in Central London, on the north bank of the River Thames.

For historical enthusiasts, the British Museum is the place to visit. The Museum displays objects and items some dating back to over 2 million years. Of great interest are the Egyptian Mummies, the Rosetta stone, among others.

The Tower Bridge is an iconic feature and one of the best known and viewed historic sites in London. The bridge was built between 1884 and 1894. It crosses the Thames River close to the Tower of London.

Big Ben is the most astronomical and accurate striking clock, towers at 315 feet. This world clock is located at the Palace of Westminster to the northern end. It was designed and created in 1859 and continues to keep accurate time for the inhabitants of London to-date.

The Millennium wheel, the largest cantilevered observation wheel in Europe is located on the south bank of the River Thames. It is also nicknamed the London eye and stands 135 meters high with a diameter of 120 meters. The wheel offers an excellent view of England’s capital. No one should miss a ride on the London eye while in the city.

The city of London offers magnificent sceneries, architectural marvels and diverse tourist attractions that will take you breath away.

4. Fashion in London

London stands out as a fashion destination for fashion lovers competing well with cities like Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo. As you visit London, you will be amazed by the variety of fashion designs on display in the historic streets like Oxford Street, with many designer outlets. Other avenues offering a great taste of astounding modern fashion include Regents Street that hosts a good number of mid-priced fashion outlets.

For high-end fashion clothing lovers, St James Street is the place to visit. Some of the outlets have apparel that has a seal of approval by the queen.

5. Explore the Thames River

The river flows majestically through the heart of the city of London. Along the river are many spectacular sites. Many activities like boating, fishing, strolling, photography and dining take place along the river, and are a great attraction for visitors looking for holiday destinations. The river hosts riverside events, festivals, and exhibitions.

6. Sporting Events

London is the centre of sporting competitions in England. The city hosts 13 teams playing in the professional football league. Football being the biggest sport in the world has made the city to become a world prestigious hub for the best club based football. It attracts a lot of fun from within and outside England. If you are football fanatics, you will need to visit London to experience the thrill of the best of world’s football.

Rugby is also a sport that is quite popular in this city. Twickenham rugby stadium which has a capacity of 82,000 hosts many rugby teams and international fixtures.

Wimbledon tennis club located in West of London hosts the Wimbledon tennis tournament in July of every year. World class tennis players battle out for the prestigious men and women trophies, and prize money. The tournament has hosted some of the best tennis players in the world making it a world-class event.

In summer, cricket enthusiasts come in large numbers to watch the game in the two main cricket grounds.

7. Unique Shopping experience

London provides an opportunity for shopping for the entire family. The streets of London offer buyers the luxury of buying unique and fashionable clothing and other wear throughout the year.

Bond Street and Mayfair are home to some of the biggest labels in the fashion industry. Whether you want to do retail window shopping or celeb spotting of superb designs, this is the place to visit

Westfield Street with over 250 shops and eating outlets gives a fantastic experience for those who fancy all day shopping. As you do your shopping, you can also enjoy bowling at All Star Lanes located at Westfield Stratford

Other streets to visit for a superb shopping experience would be Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Seven Dials with seven streets among others. The list is endless as London is the ultimate one stop destination for all and sundry.

8. Affordable accommodation

When planning a holiday, it is crucial to choose a destination that  gives accommodation that you can enjoy yet within your budget. The city of London has many hotels that provide you with affordable the best home away.