5 Romantic Activities in Paris

There are many destinations in the world which I have traveled to which have a certain reputation which precedes them. In my experience however, the reputation is often far from the truth and I have left many locations with a sense of disappointment. One destination which I cannot put into the same bracket is Paris and its reputation as the city of love and romance is very accurate. In fact, the first time I went to Paris, I went alone and I couldn’t wait to go back with my partner, something which I did the following year.

It almost feels as though there is romance in the air in Paris and if you plan on going with your partner then here are five romantic activities which I recommend that you do.

Love Locking

Love locking is a really nice thing to do with your partner and it ensures that you both leave the mark of your relationship on the capital city. If you haven’t heard of it, love locking is where you buy a padlock, carve the initials of you and your partner onto it and then lock the padlock on to one of the bridges which crosses the River Seine where it will hopefully stay for all eternity.

Old School

I’d always loved those pictures of France in the 50s, particularly seeing images of couples cruising through the Paris streets in one of those old Citroen 2CVs. Thankfully there is a company which still rents out those old Citroens and I managed to rent one for a couple of days. My partner and I took the car out for a spin and by far the most romantic thing that we did was cruising down the Champs Elysees in this beautiful old car.

Private Bistro

Despite the popularity of the French capital, you don’t have to look too far before you can find yourself a hidden away French bistro with great food where you can dine in near-privacy. The city is filled with mazy streets and hidden away areas and without too much effort, you can find somewhere for you and your partner to eat some beautiful food, with just each other for company.

Floating Down The River

The River Seine its right through the heart of Paris and one of the best ways to enjoy both the river and the company of your partner is to take a boat ride down the Seine. If you want to add some real romance to proceedings then take this trip at night where many operators will also include a meal of oysters and Champagne. From a tour of the river you will pass many of the city’s best sights such as the cathedral of Notre-Dame and the Louvre art gallery, as well as getting views of the Eiffel Tower as you float down the river.

Paris is filed with activities for in-love couples and if you want a weekend that is packed with romance then look no further than the French capital.

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