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Experiencing Karachi in a different way


The melting pot of Pakistan is home to 21 million people belonging to various races, religions, and ethnicities who share in the joys and sorrows of life. The capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh boasts of beautiful skylines, fancy beaches, and a tropical climate. This memorial house of colonial architecture infused with religious influences makes the buildings and monuments in here a treat to view. But from the land to the sea, the city just harbours wonders, especially since situated in the Arabian Sea gives it the water advantage that is wielded by two of Pakistan’s largest seaports- the Port of Karachi and the Port Bin Qasim. Pakistan’s cosmopolitan and financial hub is also known as the city of lights for its vibrant nightlife. This heart of Pakistan is home to wonders just beneath its hustle and bustle.

The best way to reach this city is through the airways as Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport which is divided into both domestic and international sectors which enthusiastically cater to both inland and foreign travellers alike. So booking Dubai to Karachi flights, London to Karachi flights and more can be done with ease.

Now that you are here in Karachi, it’s time to explore what one can do in here:

  • Visit the thrill park Sindbad: Just visiting cultural sites or roaming around the city in the traffic can seem boring after a few days. So take a break and enjoy the fun-filled rides at Sindbad, located in Nisar Shaheed Park.
  • Experience some quiet in Hilal Park: Karachi is a hustling and bustling city, so if you are looking for some quiet time then you can visit this small but beautiful park located in Defence Phase 7. This park is quite unknown and so it isn’t overcrowded at all.
  • Go shopping at Dolmen Hall: Visiting a new city and not indulging one’s shopaholic tendencies is just a waste. While there isn’t a dearth of malls in Karachi, the Dolmen Hall Clifton is certainly the best of the lot with its variety of shops and great entertainment packages for the family as a whole.
  • A trip to Dream World Resort: Located off the highway in Gulshan-i-Maynar, this beautiful resort offers a getaway like no other. Here you will be able to enjoy a lot of activities like swimming, bowling, sailing, water slides and more.
  • Time for dinner at ‘Do Darya’: It’s not just about the food in this place, but it’s the whole experience. Located along the Sea view road, you will be enjoying magnificent views from here. Built on water, the outdoor settings are where the money’s at. So just sit back and enjoy the cool air during dinner.
  • Sailing at Marina Club: Sometimes it’s just time to get away from it all and lounge in a boat amongst the undulating waves of the ocean. So Marina Club located in Defence phase 8 does just that. Pro tip: If you are looking for some thrills then hiring a speedboat to test your skills in the sea is a good way to begin.

Karachi is a city which is seldom spoken about in contemporary times, but this is a city which has a lot to offer in terms of its hospitality, hotels, houses and more.