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Beaches Near Chennai

Sometimes the heat and urban landscape of Chennai can be quite a stressful affair. Long work days and crazy schedules leave even the best of us jaded. This is the perfect time to leverage the coastal location of the city and head off to some of the picturesque and relaxing beaches of the region. Here are some top choices.


There are many beaches that dot the East Coast Road, which connects Chennai and the union territory, Pondicherry. Its iconic French quarters and sea facing promenade are the main attractions for this idyllic getaway.

The main town beach and pier are popular landmarks but another place to head off to is the Auroville beach, opposite the entrance to the famed township. A walk down this long beach will take you to fishing boats grouped together on the hot sands. Many resorts are coming up here too.

Serenity Beach is another good choice for some seaside relaxation. Evenings are an ideal time to wade around in Pondicherry’s beaches as the temperatures can be quite stifling in the height of the day. Look for a quality Chennai to Pondicherry taxi service and enjoy a refreshing getaway.


A mix of ancient heritage and coastal beauty greets those who visit the beaches of Mahabalipuram. The golden sands and warm waters are just a 58 km drive away from Chennai and the shore temples are some of the best examples of old South Indian architecture.

Whether you want to while away your time with a book and some shade or visit the nearby croc farm, Mahabalipuram’s beach landscape offers many activities. When on the beaches of Mahabalipuram, you can try your hand at surfing and there are schools in the vicinity where you can learn the basics. Turtle walks and boat rides are also fun activities at Mahabalipuram. You can also visit the lighthouse.


The ghost town of Dhanushkodi is on the edge of Rameshwaram Island and the beach falls at a point where the currents of the Bay of Bengal merge with the Indian Ocean. Enjoy silent walks on the white sands of the beach and soak in the solitude of a beautiful evening by the sea.

Not too many visitors go to Dhanushkodi compared to other seaside retreats near Chennai and this has preserved the location in some way. Enjoy a beach drive with the azure sea on both sides and witness the stark difference of the waters of the Bay and the Indian Ocean, the former placid and calm and the latter comprising of raging waves.


Not too many people know that in Tamil Nadu’s central coast lies a town that was a Danish colony for more than two centuries. Tharangambadi boasts a beautiful beach, which is one of the quieter ones in the region.

A perfect stage for long walks and romantic evenings, the other attractions of this place include a fort that was constructed in the early 17th century. The fort houses a museum so you can add some culture and interesting history lessons to your seaside trip. Tharangambadi is around 270 kms from Chennai. Book taxi in Chennai and enjoy this destination that captures a unique chapter of Southern India’s history.


One of the most picturesque roads of the region, the Karaikal Beach Road leads to this historic town with its sandy coastal landscape. Karaikal was French territory till the mid-twentieth century and a lot of that history and heritage is showcased in its landmarks and buildings. The beach offers a soothing getaway, tempered by the breezes over the Bay and Karaikal also features a grid of riverine landscape as the branches of the Kaveri flow into the ocean.

Tamil Nadu is blessed with a long and dynamic coast and distinctive beaches, from rocky ones to golden and white sand ones. Add to that a generous dash of culture and history, and the seaside trip is not just an escapade but a journey of discovery. Bask in the attractions of the various beaches and coastal towns of the region and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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