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Backpacking in Udaipur: In search of peace

Every holiday to Udaipur need not be a grand affair. Reset your life with a backpacking trip across Udaipur – and head to the splendid Lake Pichola for an epiphany.

Udaipur. The name evokes images of a tranquil city with forts, palaces, triumphant Rajput kings riding home on horses, ceremonial festivities…Strangely, even with the march of time, Udaipur has retained a lot of its royal splendour.

This year, you may be planning a backpacking trip in India. Backpacking has its own charms – it’s just you with your rucksack strapped to your back, walking long distances and exploring the sights. We recommend backpacking across Udaipur, so that you can –

* Reset your life.

Have late nights, erratic eating hours and lack of rest all taken a toll on your body and mind? Constant overwork and chasing deadlines can drain your energy and make you irritable, unwell and unfit. Take charge of your life – plan a solo backpacking trip to Udaipur and enrol in a reputable yoga retreat. Classes here are held early in the morning and at dusk, and you are encouraged to follow a sattvik diet and go to bed early. The asanas, meditation, healthy diet and regular sleeping hours will reset your body clock and make you healthier and happier.

* Reconnect with yourself.

A backpacking trip is all about battling the elements, discovering new sights and people at every corner, and trying new things. In the process, you end up discovering yourself and reconnecting with your soul. Everyday life alienates you from yourself, and doesn’t leave enough time for introspection. But when you are backpacking across scenic Udaipur, eating delicious local food and meeting the warm people in the city, you will discover a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

* See the sights.

Another reason why backpacking across Udaipur is a splendid idea, is that Udaipur is a splendid city. An erstwhile capital in the North, it is full of royal palaces and hawelis, scenic gardens, forts and mausoleums in good condition. Travelling across the city, with its shaded trees and imposing edifices, is like taking a walk through Indian history. Udaipur has retained most of its old world charm while also embracing contemporary modern life. You will be enchanted by Udaipur and charmed by its local people.

* Stay in a luxury Udaipur hotel.

Backpacking trips are normally budget holidays, but that shouldn’t deter you from booking a couple of days into a 5 star hotel in Udaipur. Backpacking is not synonymous with frugality, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Book yourself into the gorgeous The Leela Palace Udaipur, the city’s only modern palace hotel in Udaipur. It is located next to the stunning Lake Pichola, where you can take boat rides or just sit on the banks to write poetry, paint, or reconnect with nature. This Udaipur hotel also boasts of excellent restaurants, a spa, large grounds to explore and world class service.