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5 Exciting Weekend Getaways from Pune


One of the prominent cities at present, Pune is the perfect place for the new generation to enjoy their work life and to take breaks in the lap of nature simultaneously. If the Punekars choose to indulge in every lavish yet humble outing during their weekends, is not too obvious that Pune would be the central point from where you can escape to the fantastic locations? Yes, definitely! Moreover, this is what makes the best hotels in Pune pocket-friendly and comfortable. So, find out the places that you must jot down in your imaginary or real agenda to plan your next weekend getaway.

  1. The Vibrant Velas:To experience the mirth of heaven in the land of Maharashtra, all you have to do is fill sufficient fuel in your vehicle and drive to the beautiful and serene beaches at the Velas. As soon as you drive down the coastline, the sight of the turtles basking in the sunshine would compel you to get on your car and rush to the sandy shores to become a photographer even if the only camera device that you are thankfully carrying is a smartphone.


  1. The Lunatic Lonavala:If you want a drive down the misty roads that will set your heart in a romantic mood right away, Lonavala is the perfect place for you to visit. As you exhale and feel the mist forming droplets on your soft fingers, you will crave to spend more than just a weekend in this tranquility that will remind you of your first meeting with your lover and strengthen your relationship.


  1. The Exotic Khandala:How can you not visit Khandala even after Aamir Khan threatening you, “Aati Kya Khandala!”? That’s one of the most beautiful hill stations that you can visit and still not wear a sweater or a jacket. Besides, you can even stand underneath the cascading waterfalls and pretend to be Lord Shiva while your loved ones click your photographs in every single pose that you can think of.


  1. The Serene Sinhagad Fort:Do you still dream of the siren waking you up to a war where you are planning a strategy to defeat the enemy and protecting your fort? Oh my God! It might be that you were the ruler of the Sinhagad Fort in your previous life! To find out if that is true, walk up the winding mountainous road to the main gates of the Sinhagad Fort, let your hands ruffle past the worn-out bricks that hold the ancient structure sturdy even today. Let your eyes sweep past the distant horizon and give you a flashback to your childhood days of previous life. In case this turns out to be absurd once you visit the Sinhagad Fort, you can be relieved that you belong to this era itself! So, enjoy the scenic beauty and don’t forget to treat your hungry stomach with the steaming misal pav!


  1. The Triumphant Satara:How can you bear to live in Maharashtra without paying respect to the might of the Marathas that has led to the pomp and power of this region? Just kidding! You haven’t committed a crime; but, you should definitely set out for a trip to Satara where you will still be able to hear the roar of the canon in the air. Believe it or not, the smell of fresh blood lingers down the cascading rivulets in that region even today and helps you to remember and pay tribute to the Maratha Empire embedded in the pages of history today.


Thus, since you cannot help your mind from wandering off to these places, you must realise that holding your body back would not be an easy task for long. So, prepare for your next weekend trip to any of these places; and, if you’re not from Pune, you can easily book Hotels in Pune at a hospitable rate by logging into the websites of the giants in the travel industry such as Yatra and other reputable ones.

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