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Top safari destinations you must visit in Uganda

One of the biggest reasons that hundreds of tourists travel to Uganda each year if for its safaris. A Uganda Safari graces the top every traveller’s bucket list. And with good reason. Not only is it the source of the river Nile, that which has been at the core of many myths and tales, it is also home to the giant and graceful mountain gorillas. Prior to your trip make sure to purchase a gorilla printed t-shirt to get into the spirit of things.

If you are someone who grew up having dreams of having adventures in Africa, Uganda has got you covered. Featured as one of the best destinations in both Lonely Planet and National Geographic, Uganda allows you to scale the snowy heights of the Rwenzori peaks, greet over 400 gorgeous mountain gorillas and take a raft down the gushing white waters of Nile. The options are honestly endless.

So, if you are planning on going on a Ugandan adventure, we must say you have chosen well. And here’s a list of safari destinations in Uganda that will tell you exactly why:

The Murchison Falls Safari

Being the largest of conservations places in Uganda, this covers a staggering 3840km area and owes its name to the equally well-known waterfall. On your safari, you will have a chance to let the Victoria Nile take your breath away as it takes a 43m plunge and crashed into blue-white foam and water needles.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is the most popular Ugandan game reserve and one visit will tell you exactly why. The flora of the land combines in strange ways with the landscape, with savannah grasslands lushly spreading around rare trees and swamps and deep, dark craters and volcanic cones. Rising through all of this is a tropical rainforest that will surely send a chill up your spine. Tracking chimpanzees and birdwatching here are very special experiences in themselves but one must not lose sight of the tree-climbing lions here either.

Kidepo Valley

While this National Park is certainly not among Uganda’s popular, the 1442 square kilometres area boasts of gorgeously green savannah fields with picturesque mountain peaks as its backdrop. This is a good option if you are looking for some quiet moments of exploration and reflection or just wish to spend time with your family.

Lake Mburo

While definitely one of the smallest, this park is teeming with wildlife and greenery. You can spend time watching over three hundred species of birds or the 68 kinds of mammals, including jackals, buffaloes, impalas and leopards, and other exquisite animals. And this is the only place where zebras thrive so that’s an added perk.

To be honest, this list is never-ending and we only picked a few of our favourites. There are a million other places you should not miss if you have the time. The Sipi waterfalls is a marvellous chain of crashing falls that adorn the foothills of Mount Elgon and offer to take your breath away during your safari. There are also Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda and the impenetrable forests of Bwindi, all of which offer the adventures of a lifetime and should not easily be missed.