Great Ways to Spend a Long Weekend With Your Partner

Whenever a public holiday comes around and we have the chance to enjoy an extra day of our weekend, it makes sense to take advantage of it and do something special. Occasionally you may have to use this extra time to do something that isn’t quite so special, such as re-decorating or finally clearing out some closet space, but when this isn’t required, there are a great many options which you and your partner can do, in order to spend some much needed time together. We have 3 bank holidays coming up before the end of August, so why not try out one of these ideas and get away from it all for a while.

Mini Cruise

Why not try a mini cruise for your next long weekend? Mini cruises are almost identical to a full cruise with the only difference being that you won’t quite be traveling as far. You’ll be amazed at the amount of destinations which you can reach over the course of your 3 day break, and you and your partner will be able to enjoy both the destinations and the luxury on board the ship.

Road Trip

Road trips offer a weekend packed with fun, excitement and most importantly, the unknown. I love the freedom which you get when you go on a road trip and even if you have a destination in mind, the journey can be as sporadic or adventurous as you so wish. Being in a car with someone for a long period of time gives you the chance to talk, laugh, play games and listen to some music as you go, the perfect idea for any couple.


As long as the weather is on your side, you can have a great time with your partner heading out and sleeping under the stars. Getting back in touch with nature really has rejuvenating properties, and it also provides you and your partner with a secluded and private place to enjoy one another’s company. If you aren’t too keen on going too far back into nature, you could also go glamping, where you will stay in wooden pods with running water and electricity. Either option will make for a great weekend for you and your loved one.

City Break

Another great option which you could take is to whisk your partner away for a romantic city break. From the UK you can go to some amazing European cities from Paris to Barcelona, Prague to Warsaw, and get there in no time at all by air. These are wonderful cities to explore and a couple of days will be enough for you to really get  the taste of what the city is all about. You can often find some great flight deals for European cities, but make sure that you book well in advance in order to get the lowest fares.

Don’t waste your extra day, make sure that you get planned, and enjoy the long weekend with your partner.

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