Tips For Planning Your Camping Break To Southern Utah

The steep red cliffs of southern Utah are famed for their outstanding beauty and awe-inspiring sublimity; they simply are like no other, and thousands flock to see them and walk in their valleys each year. As with any location when you’re camping, there are some essential tools that you must take with you to stay safe, make nutritious meals, and enjoy a quality night’s sleep. With this in mind, ensure that you’re packing your bag with practicality, comfort, and emergency in mind. You do have options should you change your mind last minute and decide that camping isn’t for you, as there are a variety of cozy hotels and B&B’s nearby!

Deciding Where To Camp

You won’t be able to make the trek from Ivins to Zion National Park in one day as the journey can take over twenty-one hours, so you’ll need to stop off to rest and pitch your tent along the way. If you want to feel like you’ve explored the full expanse of the area, then consider spending a few days in each of the campgrounds along the way. Consider using a reputable site such as St. George Utah to find out where shopping facilities are located, where you can get involved in recreational activities, theater, and dining options. If you’re unsure whether to choose to stay when up camping St George Utah or National Zion Park, then bear in mind that the former is a larger area that has more accessible transport links.


Deciding upon St. George, organize how you’re going to get there. It takes just one and half hours north of Las Vegas, and four and a half south of Salt Lake City if traveling by car. Alternatively, you can fly direct on Delta via SLC or United Express via Denver. Once there, it’s straightforward to get around using a simple grid system or by using taxis. If you’re traveling by foot and foot only once you arrive, then prepare for your trip by working to increase your fitness levels before starting your expedition.

Travel Tools

If you’re keen to pitch a tent and unplug from society, then find recent maps and orient yourself to find the perfect spot. To get as wild and nomadic as possible, carry your camping equipment in a lightweight bag and choose a tent that you can set up quickly and efficiently. Take with you water purifying tablets, fire starters for a small controlled campfire, a useful swiss army knife, a fast drying towel for when you might have to pass through pools of water, packaged food goods, and high calories snacks to keep you energized and resistant to fatigue.

Be Safe

If you’ve never visited southern Utah before, then find out more about the climate and rainfall before camping outside in the open. It‘s always best to be prepared, so get to grips with what to expect in terms of precipitation, and temperatures both at night and during the day. Temperatures can exceed 30° during the day in summer months, so be prepared to get sweaty when you’re trekking and climbing, and drink plenty of water to counterbalance the inevitable loss of fluids. Ensure that you’ve broken in your walking boots before departing as otherwise, you run the risk of developing painful blisters that could become infected.

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